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2018 Reader Question 89

2018 Reader Question 89 published on 8 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 89

If it’s a character that has green hair you know that Jim loves them.

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Recently green-embiggened Jim: HULK SMASH!!!!

Paul: Mam! Tell him to stop!

Tobias: The Hulk’s got short hair, anyway, and isn’t a great skinny thing like you. *eyeroll*

Mary: Jimothy, stop trying to smash your big brother! And definitely stop trying to use your best friend as a blunt instrument to do so.

Jim & Lorne: Aw!



…..aaaand now I’m wondering about Furry conventions (they’re not *all* havens of scum and villainy, you know.) Man, can’t you just see it?

UNSPECIFIED-BUT-SUSPICIOUSLY LORN-LIKE NEMEAN LION TEEN: “These are great! I can roam around in my midform and all I’ll get are compliments– no freaked out panic, nobody calling me a monster… and best of all, nobody here knows me!”
**wanders around, has a blast, buys a lot of stuff**
**sees a few familiar faces, but they always duck away whenever he gets close, until…..**
“UNCLE FRED?!? What the @#$%!! are YOU doing here?”
UNCLE FRED: “Shhhh! Shhhh! Oh my god, keep it down, okay?”
NEMEAN LION KID: “Wait til Aunt Joyce finds out–!”
UNCLE FRED: “She’s over in the Dealer’s Room buying a t-shirt; got both your cousins with her, too. Ummm, look, you didn’t see me, right? See, there’s this poker game on the third floor, and that asshole centaur from the Bronx who cheated me out of my bankroll last year is there, and I’m gonna have me a little revenge, so… how about cutting your uncle a little slack?”
NEMEAN LION KID: “Only if you deal me in.”

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