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2018 Reader Question 92

2018 Reader Question 92 published on 14 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 92

Who is this fellow? I’m not sure but he’s VERY good at texting on a flip-phone.

The Kickstarter for my 4th Book has launched! Go get it!!!!! I’m really excited about this dang book, it’s gonna look really amazing!

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Seeing a pronghorn chewing gum made my brain consider what kinds of snack-foods herbivore-based people would like. Do they carry alfalfa-flavored Doritos in the Avalon shops? Do centaur moms bake oatmeal cookies? Is there a trade in Crunchy Mini-Saltblock Treats? ^_^ And the snacks for CARNIVORES–!!! Wow, you could get into some touchy areas there.

Jerky for everyone!!

Thing is, though, that most “herbivores” are actually opportunistic omnivore. Horses, deer, cows, and more will chew on bones, carrion, or straight up munch on tiny birds or squirrels and such for much needed calcium and protein.

True; I have two Sonoran Desert Tortoises (captive-hatched) in my keeping, and I provide them with pieces of cuttlebone to gnaw on. Wild ones will crunch up any bones they find. So now we could have, I don’t know, advertisements for Crunchy Bone Croutons for salads? :) I wonder if Blanche has a bad habit of nibbling on his own shed antlers?

This is rather rare, and is usually only done when there is not sufficient sources of protein or calcium in the plants eaten(they are still considered herbivores though, just like dogs are considered carnivores).
Cows and deer seem to be more likely to exhibit this, maybe something to do with having horns or antlers that need calcium?

RQ about the LA
Is there a snack bar / fish and chip shop / hamburger joint in the LA?
We already know there’s pubs, the tea room; the Rose Cafe, and the restaurant/cafe; Greensleeves, and the nightclub; the Underground, but is there a simple snack bar in the LA?

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