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Any idea when we’re going to get Merial’s turning story?
You said it was during a time of great stress, but in her flashback we just see her on a beach in the water freaking out. I’d previously assumed the panic was because she had just turned.

I have to wonder how some cryptids exist. Are they the sole survivor of an extinct species? Are they a magical remnant of some crazy spell or charm? Or, like the Jersey Devil, cursed humans or just devils in general?

Or maybe it’s like Gunnerkrigg Court, where enough humans believe a thing and it becomes so

Which cryptids are the ones that were most typically confused for werewolves? Or rather, were the main inspiration for werewolves (other than bugbears, of course).

That might be a pretty long list, depending on how far back you want to go. Werewolf legends go all the way back to ancient Greek literature and mythology. Lycaeon and his entire family, for example, were turned into wolves by Zeus as punishment. They fed human flesh to Zeus to see if he really was a god. Makes me wonder why they didn’t stop to think, “gee, if he really IS a god, won’t he be pissed? That might be a bad thing.”

However, there was no widespread belief in werewolves in Europe before the 14th century, and the word “werewolf” didn’t gain popularity until about the 15th century. Asia didn’t have werewolves, but they had something that could best be described as a weretiger or wereleopard. My wild mass guessing? Either Herodotus and other ancient Roman writers like Pausanius and Vergil were bugbears, and/or the reports of werewolves in medieval Europe were due to spontaneous turnings (Chechen wolves, for example). Maybe both.

What is an enfield? I couldn’t find any reference to that, except for a poltergeist.

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