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Let’s be fair here; all I have is what I was told about my *own* birth. For all I know, I was hatched, found under an actual cabbage leaf or bought as an easy-to-assemble kit from It’s not like I’d remember either…..

There has to be human descendants of those who hunted the dragons and unicorns to extinction, right? Would they believe the stories about their ancestors, about dragons, and the cryptic community? It world seem that something like, “our family killed dragons” would be passed down…

What I mean is do you have parents or not.

The thing about the oldest gods… When your mother is a planet and your father is the concept of “light” or “fire” or “The Effervescence of Being” it can get a little weird around the holidays… Especially if all you want is for Grandma to just watch the kids for a damn afternoon… In the Greek god system, the great-grandfather/mother of EVERYONE is Chaos, who gave birth to the primordial gods, like Chronos (personification of time) and Ananke (personification of inevitability, compulsion and necessity – how would THAT be, for a mother-in-law?) The Titans and lot of other scary folks like the Cyclops came next, and there was a lot of rather suspect goings-on with mothers and sons and daughters and fathers, and really, it’s not surprising someone would not work hard to hold on to the memories of those before-times. Having adapted more-or-less to the modern age, it seems understandable to me, that a mythic entity in current times would have just decided to move on…

Actually kerin the Titans cyclopes and hundred handed ones came from Oronous ( The sky dude who was cut up by his children.) And Gaia ( Mother earth as well as the mother of all evil.) Then came the God’s which over through the titens and came the Giants which were birthed from Gaia doing it with tartarus. The dude that lays underneath the underworld. But Oronous and Gaia did come from chaos and to chaos all things shall return. Also it is Kronos not chronos.

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