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what other mythical creatures are out there who don’t have medallions?

Basically ALL non-European/non-Mediterranean species.
There’s a bunch of European/Mediterranean species that the Sphinxes refused to make Medallions for, but it’s all the species from outside of that geographical region, who would never have been involved in the Great War, who were still unknown at the time to Europeans, that would never have a chance of getting a Medallion, they wouldn’t have even got as far as ‘Refused’.

Ok i been curious about this for a while.
Did Lorne ever found himself in a situation were there was a risk of his true nature as a nemean lion coming to light to non-mythical (“common”?) people around him?
Like someone trying to mug him, an accident that would usually hurt a lot (like being runned over by a vehicle), school bully or something like that while in public outside of an Avalon.

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