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Bugs report Kory.

The latest page is IDing as:
2018 Reader Question 14

bringing up the comments page, this WordPress error is at the absolute top of the page:
Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /homepages/15/d176028974/htdocs/wp-includes/post-template.php on line 284

Well, Kory, the good news: There is, in fact, a Goodwill in Harrison, Arkansas, which is about 15 minutes away from Dogpatch (straight up highway AR-7). I don’t know if you knew that or not, but I’m betting you did know that and you’re just “Showing Your Work”, as TVTropes might say.

Anyway, your cover story about “buying all their clothes from the Goodwill the next town over” is confirmed. If it weren’t for the one in Harrison, the nearest Goodwill would’ve been about 150 miles away.

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