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2020 Reader Question 30

2020 Reader Question 30 published on 24 Comments on 2020 Reader Question 30

You know how in old Westerns or in crime movies when the protagonists get hurt and have to seek medical help so they gotta go to some animal vet or something to get patched up and they always say things like “what do you know you’re a horse doctor” and the doctor goes “I’m the one saving your life so be nice!!” anyway that’s basically how every non-human in the world has to operate for ailments that can’t be taken care of in human form. Dr. Hobbes in the Liverpool Avalon deals with a LOT of patients from a large radius around the Avalon because finding a mythical doctor is so rare.

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…They aren’t unlike a lot of other minorities in this case I guess. Surprised no immortalish-creature has gone and studied medicine though. So very excited you answered my question, Kory! Thankyou!

I agree, seems kind of strange that since there is a genuine need that nobody has stepped up to the plate to establish a school for medical practices that cater to Avalon denizens.
If they are basically up to par with most other aspects of “modern living” I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be a thing.

I guess we are assuming there a whole lot more of them than there actually are. And medical school if you don’t have a good way to hide your… differences… could be a problem. But they definitely don’t seem to be stuck with one of the other classic problems minorities face: Poverty. So that’s something at least.

Most of the modern stuff they have seems off the shelf sorta things you can pick up easily enough. Becoming a human doctor and then learning a bunch of mythic medicine on top would be harder.

Was going to say it does still seem a bit odd, though, but then I kinda remembered what the comic was about, and um, yeah.

I’d like to see Sam’s reaction in a hypothetical, non-canon scenario where he finally transforms… but not into the reverse griffin he expected to be.

You know I’ve always had this theory he’s got one of those unstable monster-to-human enchantments from his mom’s side of the family. It’s stated its the old blank amulets are stronger and can break through them, but Sam’s has markings so maybe it can’t?

My personal headcanon is that its dragon. Maybe even the mother dragon’s descendant. There’s just endless story potential with a dragon who never knew he was a dragon. :D

I know elves are done to death in Tolkien’s style, but what about elves who live like the older myths, basically bugbear-style jerks who do what they want and don’t stick around for consequences. In the internet age, I can imagine they would have ALL the prank channels and run a sort of eternal frat house annoying all the Avalon residents who just have to put up with them until Christmas where they themselves get pranked and called “Santa’s little helpers”
– I may have put too much thought into this…

Now that I think about it. Being a Mythic doctor would likely also be very helpful with mundane animals as well. Since Mythics can actually explain problems to the doctor whats going wrong and how other similar species might feel of something. Making them the best Veterinarians in the world.

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