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2020 Reader Question 32

2020 Reader Question 32 published on 15 Comments on 2020 Reader Question 32

While Chimeras have never actually shown up in Skin Deep proper before, I have mentioned them a couple times and I think there are a few drawn in my sketchbooks! Chimeras are a female-only race (like harpies) that are considered monsters because of their lack of medallions. They’re kind of rough customers, and James Finn will gladly tell anybody about the time he got in a bad scrape with one and lost his wings and tail.

It’s September and that means the Patreon Pin Club is open to new patrons! If you’re new to the pin club, Every three months I mail out two exclusive enamel pins, at least one sticker, and maybe some extra goodies! I actually already have the pins for this round of Pin Club, it will be Mikhail Grim and Myra Reinkemeyer! They’ll go out in the mail in November! You can get more information over on Patreon!


Does the world of Skin Deep have cockatrices? If so, do they have petrifying glares like gorgons or paralyzing spit? I’m curious if they’re also stigmatized like Manticores.

Um… if they’re a female-only race, why is the one illustrated here a male lion (with a mane) and not a lioness? Or is it just for the Reader Q?

The big ol’ cat man who looked like he swallowed a marshmallow! I remember art of them! By the way, any possible art of the hidden races/ mythical/ whatever interacting with vikings or the Dutch traders back in the day? I’d love to see how that went over.

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