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Wait, even back then Finn senior was covered in scars? Now I want that backstory even more!

Ditto! Though those don’t look like they’d necessarily be from whatever mulched his wings and tail. Still, James is in his fully hominid form, so I wonder if the wing scars would show up at all? Or would they be marks on his upper back? That’d mean he’d have similar at the small of his back from his truncated tail, I’d guess; yikes.

I don’t think those are the scars from whatever messed up his wings and tail. Those could just be everyday scars from his job. Remember, they worked as rousties, which means they did construction jobs for a travelling circus or rodeo. I know a guy IRL who used to be a roustie for the “Four States Fair and Rodeo”… he says you will get all kinds of odd scrapes and bruises from that kind of work.

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