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2020 Reader Question 36

2020 Reader Question 36 published on 11 Comments on 2020 Reader Question 36

Ceres Food Mart is where you go when you wanna buy most food in the Avalon! Although there are some restaurants and a few specialty stores, too! Ceres is kind of the one-stop shop. There are a lot of roof-top farms, and if you see something for sale that looks like maybe wasn’t made in-town, well. Don’t ask too many questions about it. Also a lot of people (the ones that can, at least) just leave the Avalon to shop in human stores.

It’s September and that means the Patreon Pin Club is open to new patrons! If you’re new to the pin club, Every three months I mail out two exclusive enamel pins, at least one sticker, and maybe some extra goodies! I actually already have the pins for this round of Pin Club, it will be Mikhail Grim and Myra Reinkemeyer! They’ll go out in the mail in November! You can get more information over on Patreon!


It’s good to see one of my family’s trades is carried out in Avalons! I’m sure that carpentry and architecture are also well represented in their communities thanks to all the different needs of the customers.
Also, I used that first reader question you answered from me about the thylacosmilus griffin as a gravatar image; I hope that’s okay? If it isn’t let me know and I’ll change it to something else, like my dog or some runes.

So you’ve said that Nemean Lion claws are the only thing that can harm a Nemean’s skin. With that in mind, would you mind telling me whether the following will also harm one?

-A spear with a Nemean claw lashed onto it in place of a normal spearhead
-A claw that had been broken in half
-Pulverized claw material glued back into a sharp shape (maybe epoxy or something)
-A burnt claw (mostly carbonized)
-A claw that’s been etched with acid
-An iron blade that had carbonized claw material mixed in during forging (I hear that Vikings did something like this because it turned the iron to steel)
-A bullet tipped with a piece of claw material
-A bullet with claw material mixed into it during casting

Basically I want to know how far you can alter a claw before it stops being able to harm a Nemean

How heat resistant are nemian lions? If we can get enough of them biting their nails, could we build a space shuttle that could survive reentry without needing ablative tiles?

It matters if it’s hardness against toughness, as a harder material can still shatter if enough force is applied, while a tougher material will deform without ripping or falling apart. I’ve studied this a lot during quarantine while designing a glacial alloy.

We know that Ophelia Gilles isn’t allowed to get back to his birth island due to the transformation. But does she has contact with her mother? And even if not, Anthony didn’t made that promisse right, so he could contact his grandmother. Bet she will be happy to learn about her grandson

I’d think it’d be easier to set up a series of shell corporations that just order whatever the Avalon needs and have it all delivered to a certain completely ordinary warehouse in the Liverpool warehouse district. Where better to hide a book than a library as it were.

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