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2020 Reader Question 34

2020 Reader Question 34 published on 26 Comments on 2020 Reader Question 34

Sam’s been popular during this batch of Reader Questions! He’s put a lot of thought about how when he gets his fullform he’s gonna dye half his mane.

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Throw the poor boy a bone. Even if he IS human, with the medallion market opening again they could always make a “reverse medallion” without telling him that makes it look like he’s a reverse griffin. It would crush him to know he needed one, so I would keep it secret and just say the new medallion is working.

… as much as it would delight Sam, I see a couple problems with that approach. As in, Sam having a boatload of kids with another human and never seeing one of them turn. As in, such medallions being the wet dream of any human who wants to infiltrate the liminals’ world for less respectable motives unless you disable the “passing on after owner’s death” part, and then owners still getting killed for theirs because you cannot announce to every candidate that they even exist. As in, sheers numbers of the demand. Etcetera …

Sam’s situation does make me wonder, though – how can you tell an unturned person who’s under a medallion spell to look human from a regular human? I mean – if the person themselves weren’t aware of their heritage (i.e. a certain Sphinx), it’s obvious that they can’t tell. Is there any way to perceive this? If not – then how would Sam possibly know if his mom’s side of the family were truly humans or just a lost lineage of some other mythical entity?

Additionally – I think Michelle, if possible/if she gets out of the Dragon situation, needs to come up with some form of spell breaker medallion. Something that wouldn’t bind itself to a particular person, but if a “human” is in the community and wants to be tested to see if they’re not really human, it’ll dispel any previous magic on them, reveal their true form – and then they can go get a new medallion to re-up their disguise. Undoubtedly would be on the complex side, but maybe not impossible?

This does make me kinda wonder, if there was a test that could say for sure if Sam was human or just had a bad medallion, would he use it? It it better not knowing and having the possibility of it just being the medallion, or would being able to prove he’s not human once and for all be worth that risk?

I feel the power of the masses rising – poor Sam. *big puppy eyes*

We’ve seen that some medalions are scuffed and worn … what if the medalion he has is only presumed to be a reverse Gryphon? It could be its actually for something else

He could be at the bar and a hearldic lion comes in with her kids. Sam is picking one up that is fancinated by his hair and grabs the medalion by accident.
The silence is sudden in the ultimate WTF moment.

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