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2020 Reader Question 39

2020 Reader Question 39 published on 7 Comments on 2020 Reader Question 39

At one point there was a whole “Third Cast” that I realized needed to be cut out of the story because it was already so bloated with stories and characters, and those characters were part of that crew. Maybe I’ll reuse them in a future story some day! No character design ever really fully dies. This art is from a 2013 drawing I did of the cast, which shows you how long ago they were cut, hah hah.

It’s September and that means the Patreon Pin Club is open to new patrons! If you’re new to the pin club, Every three months I mail out two exclusive enamel pins, at least one sticker, and maybe some extra goodies! I actually already have the pins for this round of Pin Club, it will be Mikhail Grim and Myra Reinkemeyer! They’ll go out in the mail in November! You can get more information over on Patreon!


I’d like to clear up some things about harpies… I’ve heard people say they’re all female and people say they’re not, both with evidence from the comic, so I’d like your final word on that! You mentioned a couple questions ago that they’re an all-female species so I’d assume that’s teh correct answer?

Third cast? Surely there’s more than-

*checks characters page for something I should have noticed having looked a zillion times before*

Oh, I’d been mentally dividing people up a totally different way, not putting Hank Feebay in with Michelle Jocasta, for example, as they never meet or really interact.

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