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A slayer of a multitude of small things. Likewise the spastic night zoomies would be far more towards “What herd of bison are running around the living room and racing across the bed in the dark?”

At least that’s what I sounds like for my trio of kitties, when they lose footing on the hardwood and slide into a door only to spring away.

At further thought towards Gryphon sub types, why not include the canine blends? A afghan hound and a Bonelli’s eagle?

When I had pet ferrets I used to wonder what they’d be like if they had wings (there’s a great kid’s book called ‘The Legend of the Flying Hotdog’ with a winged ferret in it), and I think this’d be the closest thing. The probabilities of coming back and finding half your home completely trashed from ceiling to floor would rise EXPONENTIALLY, but it’d be worth it. So freaking soft!

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