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The Cuca is very famous in Brazil, she was even a villainess in the “Sítio do Picapau Amarelo” children books ( from Monteiro Lobato) and also appeared on TV series for kids from the same books
Also the Netflix series Cidade Invisível (invisible City) as mentioned by TB

The (very old) song goes like this (included a freeform translation):

“Nana, neném – Sleep, baby
Que a Cuca vem pegar – The Cuca come to get you
Papai foi na roça – Daddy went to the farm
Mamãe foi trabalhar – Mommy went to work

Boi, boi, boi – Ox, ox ox
Boi da cara preta – Black-faced ox
Pega esse menino – Gets this child
Que tem medo de careta – Who’s afraid of grimace

Bicho papão – Bogeyman
Sai de cima do telhado – Get out the roof
E deixa este menino – And let this kid
Dormir sossegado – Sleep in peace

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