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2024 Reader Question 55

2024 Reader Question 55 published on 13 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 55

Ike gets his shapeshifting from his buggane side, and bugganes don’t have this issue when shapeshifting. Ike’s mom thinks it’s just because he’s bad at shapeshifting, but Ike reasons he’s lucky he can shapeshift at all.

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Wow, that looks like a pretty good deal: no dentist trips, no risk of obesity.

…and no split ends, if the human hair is pushed out to make way for fur.

…and no manicure – how do the nails know when to stop growing?

Hey Ike, Is there a *market* for [leftover] teeth that can bite through anything? What about your deadly tail-bits (if those don’t get reabsorbed)? Could you run any side-hustles here? Unsavory though the trade of such items might appear….?

Also you never did follow through and bite Lorne’s arm. The internet still wants to see what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

What does Ike’s full form look like?

Ok that uh…that…

Dude. Poor Ike o.o Idk how that long neck functions with a carnivore’s head, or how things would balance as he walks. Horses + cats have different modes of locomotion/bendy-stretchy bone structures on top of that.

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