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1) Are there many remaining sanctuaries for mythicals outside of Avalons anymore? I imagine, with the steady increasing in technology, that hiding even a small settlement of magical beings could prove difficult unless they are extremely remote.

2) We know that there are several species/races of mythicals that have magic of one flavor or another, but do magical locations exist anywhere? And, are magical leylines a thing?

3) Do aliens exist, or are any “alien encounters” just bugbears trolling for laughs?

4) Any avalons that have had to deal with human conspiracy nuts trying to get in or prove the existence of the mythical community? How do they deal with humans that might know too much?

5) Does the sphynx magic wellspring have a physical location for its “heart” or does it just exist in the ether, intangible and unreachable to any others?

Not a question, but I would really love to see some kind of resolution between Ravi and Jim. The way he treated Jim left a terrible taste in my mouth, and I really want to like him.

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