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2023 Reader Question 36

2023 Reader Question 36 published on 3 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 36

Lorne had been waiting for a long time to get his medallion so honestly anything he does as a lion is cool as hell to him, including not having any thumbs.

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In Cantabrian mythology, a ramidreju (ramiˈdrehu) which resembles a weasel, have a very long body, like a snake, and their fur is slightly green-colored. Its eyes are yellow and its nose is like that of a hog, which it uses to dig very deep holes. Ramidrejus are a very sought-after animals because their fur heals every sickness and the animal has a strong desire for gold.

The Anishinaabe (Indigenous tribe in Northern America) also associated them with healing and used their pelts for medicine bags.

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