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2023 Reader Question 35

2023 Reader Question 35 published on 18 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 35

Happy September! Petition to give Bloodcarver some ice cream.

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I’m not sure this was ever covered, but how does age translate for human forms, especially for long-lived or basically immortal people.
How does it work in the reverse with people that have shorter average lifespans than humans?
How much does it depend on which form someone is born in and when they get their medallion?

This isn’t a specific answer but Jocasta mentions in Illuminations 3 that ‘the medallions will give us a more human lifespan’.

I agree with JoB, stuff those ballot boxes for Bloodcarver’s ice-cream.

A minor addition to ice-cream though, two big scoops of cherry black berry cobbler, with ice-cream on the side. After all we want to make sure BC isn’t going to have a bad reaction to peanuts, chocolate or well any kind of nut. But if the prospect of lactose intolerance rears up, fate would be cruel.

after that we can run down a menu of various foods to find new favorites.

I feel like this calls into question what knds of food sources are available in hell. What have the dragons been eating?

I did not know until this moment how badly I needed Bloodcarver doing wholesome human things in my life, but now the door has been opened and I will never be able to escape the sheer sweetness of this good dragon boy getting to try good human things for the first time. ;u;

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