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2023 Reader Question 38

2023 Reader Question 38 published on 10 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 38

Gotta take care of those luscious locks, Jimmy.

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1) We have seen that gryphons can be very long lived, but are there any mythicals that have a significantly shorter lifespan than a human? Did having a medallion extend their lives to any degree?

2) What was the driving force that made Jocasta & Co want to make medallions for everyone? Was it just to stick it to the sphynx elders as an act of rebellion, or was there another reason?

I just noticed something …

Anthonys human appearance supposedly was just an illusion and he really had plumage all along. Yet, shortly after that revelation (in the Reunion chapter), it is shown that those were still blood feathers, i.e., just growing in. How does that fit together?

If it’s just random happenstance, that would nonetheless indicate that still-disguised Tony did undergo yearly(?) moults. If so, where did the moulted feathers go? Did he have a “regular, particularly vivid nightmare” that he woke from to a bed covered in Feathers Out Of Nowhere™? 8-3

If you’ll recall, Madame U explained that Anthony was undergoing actual transformation (which took hours) rather than the instantaneous >poof< of disillusion, thus proving it wasn't the "solid illusion" of medallion magic. In his case, the sorcery that transformed his harpy mother into human shape kept him, in turn, in human shape even though his true shape is that of a harpy. Once the medallion broke the sorcery, he had to actually grow a coat of feathers, starting as pinfeathers. So, it doesn't look like he ever had any feathers to molt before that.

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