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2023 Reader Question 39

2023 Reader Question 39 published on 3 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 39

Shetland Wulvers are either ancient wolf-headed Regular Guys or they were made up by a Scottish lady in the 1930s. Either way, they’re pretty great.

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1) Don’t know if this has been answered before, but are totems singular individuals that represent the entire species, or are there multiple of each? And does the species’ success in the real world reflect the number of totems that exist?

2) How long does it take for a new naturally occurring hybrid (such as a coywolf) to gain a totem to represent it? Does there have to be lore or stories centered on the hybrid to “birth” them into existence? And, somewhat related, is there a similar process to create cryptids? I.e. enough belief or faith in the thing creates the thing?

3) Does New-World magic (such as totems) mesh well or at all with Old-World magic? Do new-world + old-world hybrids exist?

I think I can help you out there :)
1) It has been answered before here in Reader Questions before (don’t know where exactly, so if someone could help out it’d be awesome): The more specimen a species as (the more healthy it is) the more Totem individuals are around. A lot of foxes, for example, but only one Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. Probably has something to do with 2)

2) Personally I believe that if there is a sapient species (Humans) that worship an animal as representation of something, a Totem is born (same goes for Heraldic Animals, in my headverse). So to get a Coywolf, you’d need someone that imagines that animal to be supernatural in some way, and truly believe it.

3) Hybrids are somewhat rare in SkinDeep. They can probably have children with one another (Magic!), but unless something’s gone weird, the offspring will either be like Mom or Dad. See crossbreeds.

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