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2023 Reader Question 43

2023 Reader Question 43 published on 4 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 43

Oh you done it now. you called Mary “old fashioned”! Run for the hills! She’ll let you know that she is VERY progressive, especially compared to other Wonderlanders, and why on earth would she believe in a religion that doesn’t even acknowledge that her species exists???? You better just back away slowly and nod in agreement.

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Perhaps it should have been clarified that the worship of Hestia and Greco-Roman polytheism, in general, predates Christianity by a good margin, and “old-fashioned” could simply mean worshipping old gods.
However, these days, saying you worship “old gods” tends to invoke much less pleasant imagery than anything found in Hestia worship.

Got to admit, the confirmation that the church of St. Francis of Assisi in the Avalon is Anglican is making me intrigued about the diocesian set up and therefore who knows about it to appoint the vicar. Is it part of the Diocese of Liverpool? A peculiar within that or within the Deanery structure? Or maybe it was never transferred from the Diocese of Chester when they split the bishopric? Or directly under York? Or are all the Avalons a secret Bishopric in their own right? Or Royal peculiars which the monarch just gets a request to confirm appointments to every so often…

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