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2023 Reader Question 100

2023 Reader Question 100 published on 17 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 100

100 days of Reader Questions! Wow! Thanks for being so patient while I get the next arc of Skin Deep ready! Let us celebrate the 100th Reader Question with uhhh…this weird thing. How does it move? Does it hop on its back legs or run on its front legs??

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I can imagine that it gallops somewhat, with leaping runs. The front legs can move independently of one another, the back legs can’t, so I guess it’s full on run would look like a chow-chow (they run with their back legs synced with each other. Either the chow or a different breed, it’s late and I’m tired).

*sproing!* *pad, pad* *sproing!* *pad, pad*

If this makes any sense at all.

Looking at its mass distribution, it’d probably still be able to hop like a kangaroo, and it’d definitely be able walk like a kangaroo – when they’re not trying to go somewhere fast, they take a couple of steps forward with their front legs, and then hop their hind legs to catch up. The scary part though is that both of them can and will disembowel – and now that the emu half can be supported entirely by the roo half, it’s going to be better than ever at it (it might even be able to do the kangaroo thing of rearing up on its tail and kicking with its roo legs).

Yep, walk would be the same as any roo. It’s the faster gaits that would be interesting, but being able to bounce like a roo would make sense. In other words, this derpy thing would be fast and able to travel a marathon, bounding quite fast through any obstacle course too….

I imagine it bounds forward with its back legs, but uses the front legs for balance and to “run” before the back legs hit the ground again. Walking may appear to be a more thought out and deliberate action for this gryphon.

Either way all four of the legs are danger limbs.

With the semi recent Mgs master collection release i just have to ask, ocelot totem doing a “revovler” ocelot cosplay? That would probably be peak humor for me. We also saw michelle do a riddler, are there other examples of mythics leaning into what they are famous for?

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