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2023 Reader Question 50

2023 Reader Question 50 published on 5 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 50

Number 50! We have Dr Wes and Elder Usidean talking about their jobs, which are both a lot of work and also easier than you’d think.

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Eee! Thanks for answering my question!

1) Are Nemean lions actually invulnerable to everything (except other Nemean lions) or is their threshold for injury just super high? Would one survive falling out of an airplane?

2) Alec likes to joke that every spooky or interesting figure of history was actually a bugbear in disguise, but is that actually true for any mythical species? i.e. Soldiers that survived impossible odds in battle were actually Nemean lions, etc

3) Aside from Ravi, are there many other nigh-immortal beings still involving themselves in the world?

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