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This might be lengthy, but I wanted to ask:
When it comes to government organizations (FBI, CIA etc.) how do mythicals stay hidden?
Are those agencies fully human and it’s just relatively easy to hide from them? Or do they know, but cooperate, because that way it’s easier?
Are the higher ups at those organizations non-human, so they just try to cover for fellow non-humans in cases connected to the magical? Or are some of the lower-level agents also mythical, and those on top keep them secret from human employees? Or are only the typical, lower-level agents non-human and it’s just that easy to pass the screenings for lower positions at those organizations?
Maybe the whole organization knows, or they have a special branch of operation specifically suited for medallioned individuals? Or is it, as some of your characters have said, just this easy to fool humans, even when they’re highly trained and the evidence is undeniable?
I’m really curious about the situation within those agencies, so if you ever thought about this stuff, I would love to hear what you have to say :)

What happens when two species get married? Are any children hybrids, or do they favor one parent or the other? Is there any rule of thumb as to which parent they’ll favor (like girls usually favor the mom’s race and boys the dad’s)? Or can they simply not have kids?

Excuse me if this has been answered already – and if it has, can someone provide me with a link?

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