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2023 Reader Questions 51

2023 Reader Questions 51 published on 13 Comments on 2023 Reader Questions 51

I think it’s funny that Dr. Wes has appeared in Reader Questions far more often than he’s been in the actual comic. What can I say, he has a lot of helpful knowledge to share!

This is the LAST WEEK to sign up for this quarter’s PATREON PIN CLUB! This quarter the theme is CRYPTIDS, and if you join in September and stay joined through November, you’ll get these pins in November! More information and rules over on my Patreon!


This raises further questions, do people give birth in full form or can you give birth in mid/human form?

Kory, have you ever heard the legend of the Danish “Helhest” – the ghost of a three-legged horse, buried alive before a church was built ? A sinister omen of death and disease ?

…Well, it sounds like some sort of cryptid to me ! What’s your take on that?

Or, if this is too sinister, if we stay in the Nordic mythology… What about Sleipnir, Odin’s eight-legged horse? Sounds like that one must have an octupus somewhere in the family tree…

Have fun and a really nice day !

So, uh, how do Nemean moms carry the babies to term safely?

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