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Can gryphons purr? Can sphinx’s?

Please tell me that Michelle can, and accidentally discovered it when cuddling with Greg! Head-canon is that it embarrasses her, but Greg thinks its adorable.

Also, do gryphons ever loaf like a housecat? I can see Jim being the king of loafing, and with his amazing mane fluffed out he would look like a big green puffball.

Felines can be sorted into two different groups, those that can purr, and those that can roar. It’s believed (but not conclusively proven) to be tied to differences in the structure of he hyoid bone. Purring cats have a fully ossified hyoid bone while roaring cats have a flexible hyoid bone.

Purring cats include the domestic cat, but also ocelots, lynxes, bobcats, cheetahs… Roaring cats include lions, tigers, jaguars, and panthers-a.k.a.-leopards.

Since sphinxes are specifically lion-like for their feline part, presumably they can roar but not purr.

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