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Kinda healthier approuch than a lot of folk have these days. Just be who you are, even if it’s not always what you’d want. You don’t have to be perfect. Not even for you.

Makes it a lot easier for others to accept you too if you go first.

Then again, if you really feel like you ought to be something different… Then go for it. Just be understanding too if others don’t like what you are if even you didn’t like who you were. They might just feel the same way. But it’s you, so you’re free to ignore them. Just remember that you’re just thinking of yourself there then.

It’s a complicated thing. I guess that’s why we have some problems with it.

And no, I’m not talking about sex-change. Solely that is. But also that.

×puts some wieners on sticks×

I didn’t know he had a medallion. Also, I didn’t know medallions could work for someone who is a hybrid. Well, now I know he’s just trying to work through his issues in his own way.

As someone else already said, learning, or trying to learn, to make the best of the cards you’ve been dealt is probably a healthier approach than most these days.

I can understand the family baggage part. My mom is just like Ike’s except toned down just a little. But she is still overbearing…and a little racist…

As for appearance, I can also understand the struggle. I have found that shining a personal light on what makes you cool, different, or what looks good helps when trying to accept who/what you are. Something that is easy to find for a semi-aquatic, shape-shifting horse/lion with venomous tail barbs and teeth that can chew thorough anything. And the pink fur? Honestly given the rest of his appearance, the pink fur is the cherry on top. Just makes him look dope as hell. Rhonda is one lucky gal.

I’m not sure if Ike is being 100% honest. I think he truly means it when he says he hates himself, but I’m uncertain if he actually wants to understand and accept what he is.

The reason I’m not sure if because he’s publicly displaying his hybrid nature despite feeling this way and having a negative reception to it without backup. It’s like he’s putting on this show so that he can be the burden of everyone’s hatred, especially if he hates himself as well. If he doesn’t find comfort or positivity in himself, how is getting constant reminder he’s a freak going to help him through this?

Is there anyone helping him remember he’s more than a “freak”?

I think Ike is well surrounded by people who remind him he isn’t a freak. He was hanging out with Alec and Lorne, he seems on friendly terms with most of the folks in the pub, Rhonda is VERY attracted to him, and while he talks about his family baggage it’s pretty clear his little brother adores him and his stepfather seems pretty chill.

Ike himself mentions that people are ware of him because of his manticore half, but I wonder if that’s a personal bias that he projects onto others and either assumes or even demands from them. He hates himself so he assumes everybody else hates him, too. He thinks himself a freak so he assumes everybody else instantly knows he’s half-manticore and judges him for it. He doesn’t have the most outgoing attitude, but it’s not clear if that’s a defense he learned to protect himself or if he pushes others away without really thinking about it because of his own problems (which is why he’s so baffled that Rhonda takes to him).

That might in fact be part of the core of why he maintains a midform– he’s seeking validation for his negativity. He WANTS to be viewed as a freak because he can’t conceive of being viewed as anything else, it clashes with his self-perception. It’s a self-awareness that can’t really be ameliorated if he just pretended to be human, either; he already knows what he is and either everybody else already does or they’ll find out and reject him for it. Of course he ALSO wants to be accepted and where is he more likely to be accepted than in the Avalon, where he’s surrounded by other impossible creatures?

So, in conclusion, Ike’s a complicated guy.

Got involved way back with a person little like that. An absolute heart of gold, immensely caring (to their selected few) and hard working to fault.

And completely certain that they are somehow a menace, a douchebag, a person who people hate and are right to do so.

Does often enough isolate themselves ‘cose “nobody needs them anyhow”, lashes out on occasion to people near them ‘cose “they’re hated anyhow and they know it”.

Whenever anything negative is spoken about them, it’s like finally someone has the balls to speak the truth and anyone claiming otherwise is still just lying.

Has not been just one time when I’ve said to them after something negative: “Okay. So that’s that one person’s opinion. And what have these dozen or so other people said?”

‘Cose at the end of the day they’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever been blessed with meeting, body, mind and soul, and I’m far from the only person to think so. It’s just that they’ve gotten a few raw cards to play with in this game of life with and those have left their marks.

And by acting out at times and wishing the perfect hell upon any who ever wronged them, they try to show how “they are really a bad person”, while still yearning for something good and nice, never believing they truly deserve any of it though…

Yeah. It can be really complicated at times.

There may be some projection but Jon Lyons demonstrated that there’s also plenty of racism. As for why Ike’s staying in midform, I suspect he’s really just doing his best to fit in. Midform seems to be the accepted way of life for most people in the Avalon, because even in the Avalon they’re in a mostly human world where hands would be more useful than, say, antlers.

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