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2023 Reader Question 6

2023 Reader Question 6 published on 17 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 6

I’m back from SDCC! Thank you everyone who came by the table! I’m exhausted.

Madam U is nothing if not a businesswoman. Sure, a shiny new medallion is great, but don’t you want a classic, antique, very expensive, from the Middle Ages medallion? Very expensive. Still no refunds.


Ooh somebody remind me please when she touched the phoenix egg shell, I am traveling and have little time to scour archives!

She’d make a very fine Ferengi, and I can’t even be mad about it.

Although I do have a unrelated question: What does the Mythical Community do about hard-core ‘Cryptozoologists’, like Bigfeet Believer, Nessie Watcher and Dib Membrane?

My theory is that most hard-core Cryptozoologists are actually mythical creatures themselves. Their job is to keep the real cryptozoologists chasing after red herrings, as well as deliberately discrediting the field of cryptozoology. ;-)

Surely that’s a bit much. Antique, original, gen 1 medallions wouldn’t cost more than £££, I think.

Calling “Original” medallions “Antiques” implies a sales pitch involving a story about a supply of medallions recovered from a shipwreck or a secret vault or some such. /Surely/ Madame U would abstain from telling any deliberate falsehoods to make a sale or to increase the price!

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