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With alot of the story taking place in England, it has made me wonder if the Tizzie-Whizie and Wild Haggis are real?

And it has made me wonder if the Fearsome critters from the old lumberjack tails are wandering around or are they a little too far-fetched for this universe?

I’m with Merial. Nixies probably don’t do much that would toughen up their feet. At the same time I’m with Jim, because I also have difficulty finding shoes. But there’s worse things than gum out there. How diligent are the folks in Liverpool in picking up after their dogs?

Does he not ever burn his pawpads in the summer when walking on surfaces that retain heat like stone or asphalt? Or do UK summers not get hot enough for that?

Most UK buildings don’t even have HVAC, and they thought it was silly that American buildings have so much temperature control technology built in as standard.

Then global warming happened, and Britain had its first heat wave ever, as well as its first mass deaths via heatstroke. They don’t think it’s so silly now.

They still mock us for putting ice in our drinks though.

It occurs to me that, especially in cases like Jim’s involving a serious change in size, wearing shoes in midform would require more consistency of form than they’re in the habit of exercising. A slight change in size or shape makes a great difference in comfort (or even in the ability to wear a given pair of shoes).

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