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2023 Reader Question 5

2023 Reader Question 5 published on 11 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 5

Welcome to Reader Questions! Are you looking for the regular comic? You can use the “chapters” button on the menu to navigate to any comic arc! The navigation buttons will only sort through previous Reader Questions while Reader Questions are updating. I do this so if you want to binge Skin Deep you won’t be interrupted every once in awhile by a bunch of Reader Questions!

We all dearly hope that Jim is done growing. God, he better be.

Comicon is today! I’m at the Topatocon booth, 1229, with Kel McDonald, Alina Pete, and Sam Logan! There’s a lot of great stuff here, come say hello!


Do those who live in the avalons have any critters that they consider purely mythical and never existed?

We know that werewolves are one

I could see unicorns being another.

Like, we the readers and several characters in-story know they’re ‘just’ extinct… but in some other Avalon without any preserved pelts, horns and such, I could easily see somebody come to the conclusion ‘horned horse’ was just stories.

Same thing for dragons & sphinxes, come to think about it…

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