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If kobolds where real in skin deep, which of the three looks would they have.

The original mythical of small green people that live in kobolt mines and poison people.

The small fey version that is just a small gnome like person who tricks people.

or lizard?

Fun stuff goes on during the Halloween season.

A few notes here, for anyone not in the know or needs a refresher. Halloween was originally Samhain (pronounced Sow-En); it was the Celtic New Year’s celebration; the Celts believed the veils between realms and worlds were at their thinnest during the time one year ended at the points where one year ended and another began; many of our Halloween traditions can actually be traced back to Samhain practices. Wearing costumes, especially scary masks, was practiced all the way back during the Sahain times, for noticeably different reasons. People would dress up as fairies, goblins, and the like and dance around to distract them from the rest of the festivities; some people would wear scary masks to frighten away malicious spirits or any fey that managed to slip by the revelry rousers. Before there was Trick-or-Treating for candies and the like, children would make Soul Cakes (these little cookie-like treats) and then go around to homes and businesses selling the Soul Cakes; these were treats intended to be left out by your door for visit spirits and the like to snack on. The Avalons probably still practice some of those older traditions, especially the ones in places like Ireland and parts of the UK.

On another note, there are a few mythological creatures I became aware of since I first found this comic, outside of this same comic (I learned about a few new creatures in world mythology through this comic as well), the two big ones being the Aralez from Armenian mythology, and the Ramidreju from Spanish mythology. To briefly summarize both; the Aralez is described as a winged dog-like creature that descends from the heavens to revive fallen heroes; the Ramidreju is described as a weasel-like creature with green fur and tusks on its snout that appears once every hundred years or so, its fur is described as basically being a cure-all, and it’s also said to have the power to seek out gold and treasures.

I don’t think I’ve seen anything in the comic that matches the description of either yet, could be fun to see them pop up at a later point somewhere down the line; it probably would be pretty funny to see one of the main cast with either one as a pet.

I’m going to jump on the “these as a gryphon” bandwagon, because I want to know how this would look and if it would fly. >.>
A Kākāpō/New Zealand long-tailed bat gryphon. Giant flightless parrot plus bat. Would it fly? I’d love to see the awkward baby!

Thanks, Kory!
Your illustration hits the myth dead (!) center!

According to tradition, if you saw this sight at night in the graveyard, you or someone close to you would die… If you saw it wandering around outside the churchyard, the plague would infest the town…

I’m gonna frame a printout of that picture!

Happy Halloween, everybody!

Did more digging into the Helhest! Apparently, it was considered unlucky to be the first to be buried in one of the old churches, so they’d cut off the leg of a horse, then bury it alive. The slicing was to ensure the horse couldn’t escape. :( This ghost would have a lot, a lot of reason to be angry…

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