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2023 Reader Questions 114

2023 Reader Questions 114 published on 4 Comments on 2023 Reader Questions 114

The “Jim and Lorne as kids having adventures” story arc that I used in Obverse & Reverse idea had been around since before the comic started. I knew I wanted to do a storyline with them as kids, but I didn’t know what or when that would be. Just a boy and his best friend having forest adventures.


Now there is a random arc – ‘Jim and Lorne Early Adventures: How Lorne lost his Boots’. I can just imagine the pair of them telling this whole elaborate story of epicness. Building and building to this monumental moment – only for reality to crash as Jim’s mum walks in, whacks them both upside the head and informs them that Lorne simply grew out of them and any replacements were simply ‘not the same’

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