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2023 Reader Question 113

2023 Reader Question 113 published on 6 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 113

I remember spending a very long time on this drawing back in 2005. I had a piece of printer paper taped to this page of my sketchbook because I didn’t want the pencil to smear. That’s how you knew it was a drawing I thought was really good back then.


Still pretty! And I do so love his clothing. Really stands out.

Still, brings up a few questions I bounced around in my head.

A number of avian species can see into the UV range. So, how do folks believe that would carry over into gryphons, would their fashions be influenced by that fact, and would pretentious gryphon fashion designers get peeved that other species can’t truly appreciate the grandeur of their designs because they literally cannot see the colors involved?

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