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Me again. Kory, for some reason some of the comments I send still just DON’T get sent. Even though your reply to me made sense, it doesn’t explain the fact that they don’t always get sent. Just wondering, how’d you make the Skin Deep website? An old website maker? Maybe that’s the problem: old.

Works fine. Perhaps it’s your software, fox gamer? Update to the latest Firefox, works fine my end. Also as Kory said, your name does need to stay the same, as does your email address. Every time you change those, you have to go through moderation again.

The Mexican Jumping Mothman is very drab, & unremarkable, but their babies are a lot of fun. They spend their entire childhood inside a huge nut the size of a jumbo beachball. They jump around in it to move around, but somehow always seem to know where they want to go. They only come out when they’re ready to grow up.

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