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2023 Reader Question 85

2023 Reader Question 85 published on 13 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 85

Thank you everybody for your patience so far with the reader questions! 85 is a lot, and there’s going to be more! Hopefully the comic will be back in early 2024, I’m working as hard as I can!

Tomorrow I will be at One Grand Gallery in Portland OR for the Mall Rats Takeover Art Market! Come on down and say hello and buy some cool art from local artists!


Your fursona is adorable. What’s her name?

I’m cool with all these reader questions and requests, it’s interesting because going back in time to read the older comics and reader questions with associated art you can see how the progression is and the comfort level of drawing. Some designs change a little. Mostly it’s the faces going from longish ovals to slightly more rounded off squares for the most part. I’m trying to figure out how to best describe it in a manner that is accurate and isn’t implying “It sucks so bad, anyone could train a blind weasel to draw better..”

I’m upfront with I can’t draw a stick figure that doesn’t look like a stick-figure was described to someone via another person telling them what they overheard from a conversation two tables away.

Reader Questions are enough for all of us, Kory. You have fans excited to see more story, but not upset by the fact that good work takes time, we all know how it goes. Absolutely brilliant story so far, I went back and had a reread of my hardcopy volumes of your work. Keep us in the loop, and all will be dandy like a lion!

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