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Currently On Hiatus: Please Enjoy A New Reader Question Every Weekday!


I just found out that reader questions exist and had to go ALL THE YEARS back to read through them. It might be worth putting a note on the main comic page on hiatus that there’s reader questions happening! (for silly cats like me)

so Bloodcarver’s type of dragon likely came from a group that was close to folks who had fire and cooked or his kind have fire(I don’t remember off hand if he has). Either way that could explain his more droopy look as him being more ‘domesticated’, in the same way that orca’s dorsal fins will flop in captivity, some dog breed’s ears are floppy, and foxes from the fox domestication project have floppy ears.

Those are entirely unrelated, and contrary to what Free Willy told you, fin droop has nothing to do with captivity. Wild orcas who have never once been in captivity also sometimes have it, it’s caused by old age or injury, it’s just more prominent in captive orcas because they live longer (like most captive animals) and have a far higher likelihood of running into a wall.

While the life expectancy of captive orcas has been increasing over the decades, it’s still only equal at best (and that’s according to one controversial study by seaworld employed scientists who really wanted to make their employer look good.) They picked struggling orca populations to compare their captive data to (Northern residents are still recovering from the mass captures of juveniles for marine parks which effectively eliminated an entire generation, the southern residents are inbred and actively declining for the same reason, both are struggling with their main food source being endangered.) The data also doesn’t represent the actual age at which orcas died, but was calculated from the yearly survival rate, which varies wildly across age groups – very few captive orcas so far have actually survived to the “average captive life expectancy” that was calculated.
The fully collapsed fins that are so prevalent in captive bulls are found in less than 1% of wild bulls, and while old age makes it more likely, it’s usually due to malnutrition, boat strikes, or exposure to pollution like oil spills, and not found in wild cows at all.

Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? For Nudelschlange to fit the wide-when-opened jaws and the large teeth into the Aardvark-like narrow-when closed jaw shape, the snoot has to fold inwards as it closes. Which means that a longer tongue would not fit in between anymore …

… so what’s HONKdragon’s (ch 5 p 16) diet? Roadkill? >;->

I had no idea such a delightful amount of thought went into the dragons’ designs! I thought it was just unbridled creativity! Are there other (not necessarily dragon) designs that have more rationale than one would expect at first glance?

Will we see more of Nudelschlange? I know it wasn’t much, but I genuinely thought it was quite brave of her to speak in Bloodcarver’s deffence against DisPater (no matter how brief it was), so she’s got my respect. Plus she’s SUPER CUTE!! May I see more of her? Please???

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