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2024 Reader Question 9

2024 Reader Question 9 published on 12 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 9

This is when I learned that a seahawk is just an osprey. I had been thinking it was some special pacific northwest ocean eagle, but no. It’s an osprey. You can tell this one is a seahawk though because it has very strong opinions on coffee and wears a lot of flannel.


Lol, perfect. Reminds me of a silly project I thought up a while back: state gryphons – make a gryphon of the state bird & state animal for each state that has both (eg Oregon would be a beaver-western meadowlark, though mebbe a state school-themed beaver-duck would make more sense for us)

Well, the fun part is that a lot of states have similar ‘official’ state birds.

Henry might be amused at a Maine-based gryphon. Chickadee, after all. Combine that with their state animal – the Moose? But then, if you insist on feline you get a … chickacoon?

Being Floridian, mockingbird / Florida panther. Despite the fact it’s really a puma, and not a member of the Panthera. But far more amusing would be flamingo. Bright pink wings with a tawny coat? Talk about a color clash.

Just heard about this critter via the internet: does the Slide-Rock Bolter exist in-universe? I’m curious how a mountain whale might go undetected, or how much effort any Rocky Mountain-based avalons might go through to keep it secret.

I had no idea such a delightful amount of thought went into the dragons’ designs! I thought it was just unbridled creativity! Are there other (not necessarily dragon) designs that have more rationale than one would expect at first glance?

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