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I imagine if one of those got a medallion, even the spell’s best attempts at disguising their aroma would still make them smell like a teen boy who just discovered deodorant.
Actually, how do the medallions deal with smells?

Skunks are primarily carnivores, mainly of rodents and bird eggs. (I can vouch for the fact that a few stray tufts of skunk fur under a house will keep rodents away for /years/.) A skunk also has a sweet tooth; I’ve seen a skunk sorting through windfall apples under a tree, looking for the best. Raccoons and bears are also carnivores fond of sweets, and I suspect their fondness is stronger than the skunk’s.

From what I’ve read, the hoatzin is a pretty thorough-going herbivore, and most or all of its stink from its adaptations to digest leaves and such. What dietary compromise might this gryphon settle on?

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