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I hope she doesn’t do that too much or she’ll drive down the price of gold!

If its old money, then it was probably actually about strategically emulating gold sourcing at some part of the supply chain.
On a boat?
Going into mines and and making veins?
Turning lead goods to gold?

Gold transmutation was totes on the dl, so either this, or they were just magic pharmacists.

You can easily drive up the price of gold by boosting some of the guys that are all about buying gold and crypto and whatever else is not, supposedly, controlled by The Man.

The thing is that if you divide the total size of the world economy by the total mass of all gold extracted from the Earth throughout human history, you arrive at several orders of magnitude above the actual pricing of gold on the market. So there’s a lot of room for gold to appreciate if you increase demand for it by pushing for a return to the gold standard or whatever. You could literally produce by magic as much gold as all of human history has produced and it wouldn’t make a significant dent in that potential for appreciation.

It has been established that Jim has the elemental power of earth, and has also been shown to control plants somewhat, but does it also include everything traditionally under the “earth” elemental banner? Such as stone, soil, and perhaps metals? Could Jim, therefore, help his mother with the “family business” one day?

It occurs to me that with all that tunneling the Finns have done over the centuries, they may have found the odd bit that someone else considered valuable. A quick & shallow internet dive didn’t find any mining activity in the area, but I suspect that even selling blocks of rock could start a fund that could be built by investment.

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