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2024 Reader Question 115

2024 Reader Question 115 published on 7 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 115

She’s an annual pass holder and has yet to miss a chance to drink around the world.

The Skin Deep Pin Club is open! This quarter’s theme is the LIVERPOOL AVALON, and come August all members will get two enamel pins based off Liverpool Avalon storefronts, and an EMBROIDERED PATCH of the Underground sign! I’ve never done embroidered patches before, so I’m really excited about this one! Click here for more information on how to join the Pin Club!


What makes a totem’s gender identity? Like is it whatever the totem feels is most accurate for them personally, determines their physical form when shapeshifting? Or is it more empirical like the ratio of living male/female members of the species determines the totem’s pull towards relating to one sex or the other?

Wine festivals and beer-fests have to have a “A mythic is dancing on the table, I repeat a mythic is dancing on the table” event at least once every few years.

Funny thing is, half are to drunk to realize, the other half are mythics or friends with mythics.

I mean the more wine the less likely there is to just be humans there.

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