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2024 Reader Quesiton 114

2024 Reader Quesiton 114 published on 9 Comments on 2024 Reader Quesiton 114

Webbing stretchy.

The Skin Deep Pin Club is open! This quarter’s theme is the LIVERPOOL AVALON, and come August all members will get two enamel pins based off Liverpool Avalon storefronts, and an EMBROIDERED PATCH of the Underground sign! I’ve never done embroidered patches before, so I’m really excited about this one! Click here for more information on how to join the Pin Club!


I know it can be a bit morbid to think about, but how often are those “taxidermy cryptos” you sometimes find in tourist traps actually real? What does the mythical community do if they find mishandled remains?

One of the things I keep wondering about is the breeding population size of the various species. Cheetahs are considered remarkably inbred (total population in the wild <8,000) and have issues because of it.

From what you've shown of the Avalons, it seems unlikely there are more than a few dozen members of any given species in even a large one like Liverpool. How many members are there of some of the rarer species? And do they have problems finding potential mates that aren't also close relatives?

As far as the Avains are concerned, any species with a medallion can interbreed with any other species with a medallion, or a human, and distributed through the human population centuries ago. The genetic diversity afforded by the medallions allows tge populations to remain healthy and diverse.

Ha, that won’t make a difference. As a native ASL speaker (born Deaf, and my family signs), lemme tell you — I have actual SCARS on my hands and fingers from signing. Yes, small scars but they’re still scars! Sometimes my nails would gouge out a piece of flesh while I’m signing.

It happens rarely, but it does happen. My sisters and parents have had this happened to them too.

So, yeah, Merial WILL accidentally give herself a small injury through signing. It’s part of ASL!

(There’s a funny video titled “ASL Accident!” on YouTube in which the Deaf guy shares the story that time he dislocated his pinky finger signing.)

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