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2024 Reader Question 12

2024 Reader Question 12 published on 14 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 12

Turns out you don’t really need to create a hidden city when you live in the deep ocean where everything is already hidden from humans. Don’t know how much longer that’ll last though. Someone should tell the ocean-dwellers to start future-proofing.


Some good places for Avalons in Central America could be the “cenotes” – but those are becoming tourist targets lately

Here in Brazil there is the “Encantado”, used for many mythical creatures (like the “boto”), but it’s also a reference to a magical place, hidden under the Amazon river (underwater Avalon anyone?)

They need to invest in AI in underwater research companies, so they can change the pictures the cameras are taking before the pictures reach the screens of the humans aboard the ship. And so they can mess with the tracking system. “Not that way, this is a big cliff”.

I would imagine UW cities would be indistinguishable from surrounding terrain, you wouldn’t make a vertical rectangular door when you’re swimming head-first. Should be very disorienting to upright beings, years of scuba diving as a hobby has given me a new way to think about how we move through space.

On the subject of mines and quarries, around here the standard response to flooding is “GTFO”, drop everything and run. Literal tons of heavy equipment on the bottom!

quarry pits and lakes are iffy too. sometimes the water is to acidic, or you get random humans tossing dynamite into it(looking at you pit 232), or ends up being a natural nuclear reactor because there is trace amounts of radioactive elements in the rocks that aren’t worth mining but still can react(though this could be a great cover for an avalon if they can spoof those readings).

I have a feeling that they may have magical techniques to deal with pollution (I mean, think of how many decades of unfiltered burning they dealt with, and the resulting acid rain).

The bigger problem nowadays, I’d think, would be related to an increased environmental awareness, and there’d be people occasionally wanting to check on said pits and lakes.

Oh. I’d bet at least one of the water Avalons is in the Great Lakes. Superior, Ontario, Huron, and Michigan are easily big enough to hide in. Maybe even the Easter Basin of Lake Erie. The Western Basin of Erie is very shallow.

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