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Well we did ask for this.

Apparantly so did H. P. Lovecraft…

Bartender, I’d like a tall brain bleach, neat. I’ve just seen something I don’t want to remember. By the way, does the local sawbones do eye amputations? I want to make sure I never see it again.

I’ll have what he’s having. Also, if I give you 100 bucks will you beat me in the head with a hammer?

The hammer won’t work you need the Titanic dropped on your head.

What if I hit myself until I think I had the Titanic dropped on my head?

Spiny tentacles don’t seem terribly practical, but they’re cool anyway.


You really think a couch will save you? This is when you hide under a pile of coats.

Wow. I’m impressed that a nixie would pull this. And you thought dumping honey on a bugbear would get you in trouble.

The nixie needn’t have been directly involved. All that was needed was a prankster with a little bottle.

Back in the short piece “Nixie Spit”, Jimothy told Merial, “It’s sold as ‘Nixie Essence’ in the Liverpool Avalon. We used to cause all sorts of mischief, slippin’ it into drinks or what have you. Hit ’em with water and they go down all finny. Hilarious.”

Did the prankster declare Code Brown?

But the cheerful expression of the bugbear over what has happened, makes me think the bugbear wanted this, and it wasn’t the result of a prank.

If he didn’t actively want it beforehand, he definitely embraced it after the fact. Of course, the grin may have come after he put on a show of fury that scared everyone away.

Jimothy went (full size) fullform under the influence of nixie spit. A Q&A five years ago (!) showed a fullform bugbear standing eight or nine feet tall at the shoulders/withers when on all fours. In that couchant position (heraldic term), it would still be five or six feet, with the top of his head eight or nine feet off the floor. An impressive transformation.

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