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[suspects that, whenever the topic of him having a “real name” comes up, his fellow dragons spend half a day coming up with the silliest and ever-more-insulting suggestions well within his hearing range, like “Klaxon MackTruck” and such]

And what, pray tell, would make it so that The Honk Dragon wasn’t a deferential, if not even venerating, tittle for one such as he?

Merely his own preference? Are we to simply ignore the status that comes from The Honk, the call of Honkening, that surely will be upon us one day? I dare say Honk! Which in itself carries the sound of rebellion, war even and complete disregard of any status quo but its own!

“Now wouldn’t that mean The Honk Dragon indeed should rebel?”

Oh, Honk up, I say.

Help. How do reader questions work???
I’m new to the comments, and I sent a comment to yesterday’s reader question, but it didn’t seem to get sent… *crosses fingers and prays the comment will work. I will send It TWICE if I have to. Maybe.*

Did you put the comment in “2023 reader questions, ask them here”, or in the comment section for that particular comic, which was likely “2024 Reader Questions 28”? Oh, found the question in 28. The way it works is that Kory chooses and answers questions she likes that she sees in the Patreon, in the comments sections like here, and in the Reader Questions 2023. So you can try all three, but the most likely place to be seen is in the Patreon, and if you’re lucky, then you’re lucky. If you’re not, there’s plenty more Skin Deep to read and perhaps you’ll find your answer if you start reading at the beginning!

I found it… Ugh, today has been a mess. I didn’t see it at first but never mind. Some of the comments I sent didn’t quite get sent… Hey, Kory, if possible, could you try looking into fixing that? I have no idea if it’s possible to fix that though. Oh, and that timer at the bottom of your comment when you send it? What’s that for exactly?

Some comments from new commenters get flagged for me to look at before they show up just to make sure they’re not spam. The timer I believe in the amount of time you have to edit your post.

Ahhhhhh I get it now. Thanks for explaining that. It’s just so annoying, but I’ll get used to it now that I know what’s going on. Oh, and if you see a commenter named “that [insert] fox gamer” or “It’s that fox gamer again!!!” It’s me. If it’s easier for me to just name myself my gamer name, let me know.
Keep working hard on that artwork! (Not so hard you fall alseep, tho.)

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