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*Steve Irwin voice*

Krikey! Look at that fluffin there! Let’s get a better look at it!

Yeah, I don’t know my Pokemon now that there’s what.. A thousand or so/ I remember when there was only like a hundred and fifty and even those I had trouble remembering.

If two mythicals of different species have a kid who’s born in human form, how do they know what species the kid is (and therefore what medallion to give the kid)?

Sphinxes made medallions to shapeshift. Sphinxes in default form don’t seem like the blacksmithing types. Then… who made the first medallion?

My guess; another mythical species with a sphinx working WITH them on the magical side.

Medaillons are in essentia charms that bestow abilities or break veils, if I understood it correctly. So someone could have woven the spell first and enchanted the first Sphinxes with it (or cursed, after all, it robs a sphinx of its flight)

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