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2024 Reader Question 47

2024 Reader Question 47 published on 12 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 47

Hybrids are an incredibly rare occurrence in Skin Deep, and cheshire cats don’t have medallions so the chance of a cheshire cat/bugbear hybrid is even smaller. But it’s fun to play pretend! A bugbear/cheshire cat would look kind of like the cat from the Hausu poster, I think. Just terrifying.


I don’t know about impossible. We’ve already seen anything is possible if magic goes wrong enough.

Cheshire cats don’t have medallions, which is a big source of crazy magic interaction and the factor that allows species barriers to be ignored. I’ll leave it at that.

Technically neither do harpies, but there is an example of them turning into a human and having a hybrid offspring. The real thing would be getting past monster prejudice. Since it’s neigh impossible to fool bug bears. But I’ll be damned if the question wasn’t answered. I’m delightfully pleased.

Exactly. Strictly speaking, to end up with this monstrosity we’d likely have to have the Cheshire under a transformation magic while the bugbear has a typical medallion.

Wouldn’t it only require such a combination to be viewed as terrifying enough for a bugbear to bend the reality to make it happen? Or was that just propaganda?

“Don’t try it.”
“It’d a freak of nature.”
“Like none of us others are?”
“Just don’t. I don’t wanna think of the possibilities.”
“Even better. Hey, Cheshire! Come over here, mate! Lets bump ugly and make something even more terryfying!”

That brings up a question of if medallions had to be limited to just human disguises or if they could have done “mundane animal” forms if they wanted. Like what if a peryton had wanted to look like a normal deer. I figure the human form was so that intelligent creatures like pterippus could talk and interact as a non-animal.

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