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2024 Reader Question 57

2024 Reader Question 57 published on 7 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 57

The downside to having a comic that you’ve been working on steadily for over 20 years is sometimes you’ll make storylines and characters that just won’t make the cut. This guy’s name is Bunker and he was part of a “third cast” of characters for awhile that I was planning on integrating into Skin Deep, but the story was already taking so long to tell and the plot I had for them was ultimately unnecessary and also I didn’t like what I wrote so I scrapped the whole thing. Sorry Bunker.

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Oh hey, this is Mr. “Get to my part of the comic already” from 12 years ago. He seems to be taking it well if he goes for mock dramatics about it now.

Better the cutting room floor because there’s always chance to make an appearance even if it’s in the form of a “this is an ideal”, a deep diver abalone diver Cecaelias collector that returns the catch back to the boat for market sales. probably owns the business and has a squid man as the company logo.

A thing that struck me: How do the various avian/mammal combination beings (gryphons, harpies etc) bear their young – through live-birth or by laying eggs? And if they are shape-shifters, does it then make a difference what shape they are in when the time comes? (I don’t THINK this has been answered, in the comic or in a reader question – anyway, considering the size of the back archive it feels pretty hopeless to go looking for it)

It has been established (in particular, for Nemeans) that they’ll give birth to human-looking babies while in their human disguise, and the Finns have repeatedly talked about the eggs they hatched from (or guard in the cave), so they effectively even get to choose which way to go.

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