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2024 Reader Question 58

2024 Reader Question 58 published on 17 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 58

When it comes to Sam, the only thing he knows for certain is that his dad and his brother are reverse gryphons, but he’s not. There are many theories as to why, but unless someone comes around with the ability to make a brand new medallion for him, he’ll never know. (edit: i previously said both his parents are reverse gryphons, but thanks to a reader I was reminded of my own comic’s lore where I said that his mom was human. This is why you shouldn’t take these questions as 100% canon, because even I forget my own Lore!)

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“There are many theories as to why, but unless someone comes around with the ability to make a brand new medallion for him, he’ll never know.”

Hmm, it’s a shame there’s no-one in the story who might ever be able to learn medallion magic…

Even more interesting question: If there is the option of someone tailoring a medallion specifically for him, rather than for his (guesstimated) species, doesn’t that mean that someone who has medallion-maker-level magic abilities should be able to tell beforehand what kind of medallion he needs and, thus, whether his current one is or isn’t bonded to him?

Or, alternatively, the theoretical medallion maker could make a reverse medallion for the half-reverse gryphon: One that makes a human able to look like a gryphon, rather than one that makes a gryphon able to look like a human.

Okay, Greg can’t get a new medallion even though his is damaged. Is it possible to get a new medallion if his was completely destroyed, or has no-one been willing to take that risk? I’m assuming that his grandfather had to intend to give his medallion to Greg instead of managing to die right at that second. (I could just imagine the trouble of baby Greg grabbing at the medallion and it doing something.)

Back to Sam… maybe he’s some sort of weird recessive. I can’t remember if it was answered, but I think I asked about the possibility that Blanche’s granddaughter could be a Peryton instead of a magic stag. (I need to look up Blanche’s mythology because right now I’m imagining that they’re some sort of “get hunters lost” myth that’s a bit like a kelpie.)

My guess is it’s either borked or Moms a cheating cheat cheater. I wanna go with the first, but I’ve seen the second happen when blood tests come out.

What are the chances that his mother is a long-lost member of a rare mythic species that’s been hiding as human for untold generations, and she just doesn’t know she’s not human?

(In which case, Sam’s medallion could be perfectly functional, but be the “wrong fit” for him.)

wait i thought his mother was human, and that was the whole reason there was any doubt at all about his species? i distinctly remember someone teasing him and saying he just took after his mum… both parents being gryphons would certainly make it a lot more believable that his medallion was just borked. there’d have to be SO much more magic bs happening to spawn a human where there were no human genes.

Has Sam considered that he´s maybe a Gryphon-style Yennork?
Yennorks are Werewolfes in Terry Pratchett´s discworld novels who got their transformation messed up and transform from human to human or from wolf to wolf at a full moon.
Him being a Gryphon who transforms from human to human.
It´s at least the least illogical explanation I can come up with.

Imagine if we have this whole story arc about learning about medallions because birthright and obligations and destiny and “You’re our Only Hope!” and stuff…

…and it turned out Sam was also a Sphinx the whole time lol

That would quite possibly be worse all round.
Because, yay, Sam was right all along – but for the wrong kind of mystical.
Which would also mean now he’s one of these super rare, supposed to powerful, magical-Jesus-types, with all the expectations that come with that – and probably going to be heavily encouraged in Michelle’s direction because ‘you can’t let the sphinx’s die out again!’ (I imagine will be the argument).
Also, if Sam IS somehow a sphinx, that means his mum is too – how many people would be pushing for her to turn?

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