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2024 Reader Question 64

2024 Reader Question 64 published on 11 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 64

It’s been awhile since I did a gryphon combo! I could have made this weirder by making the hummingbird parts in scale with the hyena parts, but I didn’t wanna be that mean to this fake creature.

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What about a bat/owl reverse gryphon?

Or a combo gryphon with the bat half providing the head and wings (would that still be a gryphon or be called something else?). A bat-raccoon or bat-opossum would be pretty cool!

I too am a fan of the Reverse Gryphon. I do hope we get to see more of those at some point.

The bat-gryphons definitely seem to be something else. Combine a flighted bat with a flightless bird and…. it’s fascinating to even consider!

Um….. Given how much of it’s body mass a hummingbird has to eat each day, and Given it’s size, how much would that have to eat? That could still be terrifying depending on the answer to that question.

Hummingbirds have to eat a lot of their body mass each day because of how little their body mass is. Being warm-blooded while having a tiny body means you gotta burn a lot of energy just to maintain homeostasis.

If you begiantify a hummingbird to have the same size as an ostrich, it will not need to eat several times its newly ostrich-like body mass each day anymore. Which is good because it’ll be very confused about things such as “what to eat now” and “how to move now”.

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