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Is there a reason Tony can’t just have another spell put on him? Like the one his mother passed down to him?

Other than the difficulty of finding someone *able* to put that spell on him, no. Remember that the only person his mother knows, who knows that particular spell, lives on the island she came from. Getting Andy to that island would be problematic, and the old woman could be dead by now. She wasn’t exactly a spring chicken when she cast the spell on Ophelia.

Are any of the characters WWE fans? I ask because I had this lovely mental image of Eleanor dressed like The Ultimate Warrior.

Serious question PJ, did WWE exist back in late 2004 / mid 2005, when the stories so far in Skin Deep are set.

If Michelle can eventually make amulets then maybe she can make one for Tony and even Abby.

Abby and Tim could take that vacation to Brighton they’ve always dreamed of!

Michelle would not be bound by the species prejudicial restraints imposed from the hubris of the old Sphinx Leaders. So there would be no restrictions on which species or individuals she could make Medallions for.
It is even possible that she could make a Medallion for Bloodcarver.

What is the ultimate superhero for skin deep characters ( DC OR MARVEL will do).

Open for everyone.

These are the ones that come to my mind
Michelle, Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange.
Jim, Marvel Comics, Warren ‘Angel’ Worthington III
Greg, DC Comics, Barbara ‘Oracle’ Gordon
Merial, Marvel Comics, Sub-Mariner
Lorne, Marvel Comics, Ben ‘The Thing’ Grimm
Colin, Marvel Comics, Franklin Richards
Tobias, DC Comics, Dick ‘Nightwing’ Grayson
Dean Daud, DC Comics, Lobo
Lily, DC Comics, Harley Quinn

Hey does anybody else see the creature in skindeep in real life because I do. A simargl and a nimean lion. Aka my older sister and younger brother.

I do that sometimes. But since I’m a giant stickler, I always try to pick ones based on the person’s ancestry as opposed to their personality traits. I actually can’t come up with one for me however because my ancestry is lame and I’m not sure what creatures are from where my family came from.

Now I’m curious. Where are you and your family from?

In short, America via England via Normandy and Denmark.

In long, My Dad’s Dad’s family were lowland Scotts and before that they lived on the east coast of England and before THAT they were Danes. My Dad’s Mom’s Dad’s family were French Normans who helped invade England a Millennia ago. My Mom’ Mom’s family were German’s who came to America during the time of Ben Franklin( I know that because they got in his newspaper after they escaped their master). And my Mom’s Dad’s family were puritans or the like who came to America ten years after the Mayflower.
Like I said, lame.

Is it possible for two people to become affected by the one medallion?
If, for example, Michelle had had a sister, and they had both come into contact with their father’s medallion, would they have to ‘share’ it in some fashion?
Or does it just bond to the first person of the right species to touch it?

In regards to the whole “no male harpies” thing, i would assume that the rules for Human offspring generation and for Magical Creatures got mixed up. Since Humans can have male children his maleness was transfered from Dad given it was human-human physically, but his Harpiness got transfered from Mom since it was still fundamentally magically harpy-human.
Essentially it was a developer oversight in the universe about the interaction of unplaytested elements.
I guess?

Actually, it hasn’t really been confirmed or denied whether or not there are any male harpies. Ophelia might know, but hasn’t been asked. One theory is that they DO exist, but are just very, very rare. (One variant of the myth that I’ve read says that they’re rare because of territorial fights … something like one male for every 50 females, if I remember correctly.)

It almost certainly wouldn’t have happened without his mothers humanform spell messing with him. Harpies normally reproduce with members of other species, such as humans, that are capable of producing males. I don’t know if harpies normally only have female children or if their male children are normally the species of their father, though. It’s possible that Abbie, for example, may have satyr brothers.

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